Songs to Listen To If You’re Brokenhearted

Generally, we have all experienced a breakup or death. At times, we even receive a crush that does not know if we exist. During these days when you could be alone, you need some soft music to heal. The good cure for waking in a pile of many empty whiskey bottles, a pop song will help.


It does not matter if things will get back to normal or not. The songs below will help you a lot in making everything look brighter. However, the song might let you go through your pain for a bit longer. Nevertheless, eventually, you will be over it.


Nothing compares 2 u, (Sinead O’Connor) it is very possible that no other song is famous for a heartbreak like Sinead O’Connor’s 1990. That beautiful woman who seemed to be using a natural eye makeup remover recipe. Generally, the song flawlessly puts together the real struggle of a newly single meshing. The song was initially recorded and written by the prince for a project in the mid-80s. O’Connor captures melancholic state or regretting in the best way ever.

Somebody that I used to know, Gotye (feat. Kimbra) Opening lines in this song of the cry for help were very famous in the airwaves for a period of the year 2011. You can have the imagination of a person screaming eerie chorus through the window late in the night. Saying you did not have to cut me off. The best part is when Kimbra answers. Saying that quite often, thinks of the times screwed. The track has been greatly played until today. Quite often, when you are heartbroken, you might come across the song being played on radio stations.


Fucked me right  The song itself was not a hit. The Sean Hayes sings the song in a very good manner to capture the heartbroken through the melancholic hymn. Generally, the simplicity of the song captures staring into space, in great disbelief of what happened, but gives hope for going. The determinations, finality, are well expressed in the emotions, which are experienced along the sudden absence of the loved one. The song is very encouraging to a person who is going through a very painful loss.


Am so lonesome I could cry  This is a unique country song addressing the heartbroken situations. Generally, a number of this great musician Hank Williams are top on the list. The song encourages the heartbroken just like the others. It plays a big role in reminding you that heartbreak does not really change. It talks about; there is no happiness in the world, but only for a short while.


Hello, Adele  You could be having a heartbreak that keeps on coming back. Look for this song and with great iconic voice. When you are heartbroken and you really want to listen to a song look for this song. Adele has composed a great song herself, which has lovesick. Of all the great song she has produced, Hello still hits the list. The conversation in the song is quite good. Whether it is imagined, it is perfect. It is a suitable song for heartbreak or the death of a loved one.


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